Openvibe — Mastodon Nostr app

2024-06-11 news 12

Openvibe — Mastodon Nostr app

Mastodon Bluesky Nostr in 1 app

Openvibe: your gateway to open social networksMastodon, Bluesky, Nostr & Threads in a single app!

Discover a new era of social media: Openvibe delivers a unified social experience, bringing together your favorite open social networks like Mastodon, Bluesky, Nostr, Threads and more into a single, seamless timeline. Connect, share and explore without limits.

Connect across platforms effortlessly: publish once, reach everyone. Openvibe makes it simple to share your moments, thoughts and discoveries across multiple networks, amplifying your voice and expanding your reach.

Your Network, Your Control: Empower your online presence. Openvibe puts you in charge of your social feed, data and identity. Personalize your experience, protect your privacy, and migrate your followers with ease.

Be part of the Open Social Revolution: Join us at Openvibe and experience the future of social media. Own your content, your network and your identitymummy circle app downloadde social.


- Unified timeline of decentralized social networks

- Sharing content across platforms

- Personalized content discovery

- Full control over your feed and social data

- Easy migration of followers between platforms

Download Openvibe now and be the first to enter the open social media square.

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