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Description of Radar Sea Battle This game is Tactical Fleet Simulation game to play easily as Minesweeper and classic BattleShip game.Purpose is to annihilate the enemy fleet.Each turn, make the attack or move to select the one ship from their fleet.Battlefield is a sea of darkness. Can not be seen with the eye enemy ships. but radars are equipped with each ship. It is possible to know the number of enemy ships that are in the 8 squares around each ship in this radar.There are three types of battleship, cruiser, destroyer, ship species differ in endurance respectively.- Battlebappa rummyship (endurance 3)- Cruiser (endurance 2)- Destroyer (endurance 1)Attack of the ship is proportional to the durability. That attack power will reduce the ship durability has decreased by struck.

Version history Radar Sea Battle New in Radar Sea Battle 2.2 version 2.2* Bug fix: Fixed crashes in Arcade Mode.version 2.1* Minor bug fixes.version 2.0* Slowdown fixes.version 1.9* Balance changes.* Minor bug fixes.version 1.8* Balance changes.* Movement on SD card was enabled. Please rate this app

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