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Description of Farm Games Android Market™ is filled with hundreds of in a game of rummy how many cards are dealt to each player?farm games. It is very difficult to explore high quality farm games in the Android Market™. To help you, our professional editors have picked the most amusing farm games and listed them in this app. Only when you have internet connection, you can view the list of well-selected farming games. By clicking 'install' button, you can get the game from the Android Market™ easily and safely.In our list, you can view the best social farming games letting you trade with your online friends and neighbors. Some of them are competitive, for example; you fight against enemies to defend your farm, or you try to expand your farm by buying neighbor lands. There are many adventurous farm simulator games in which you control a villager or a farmer character who is included an adventurous story in a dream like tiny village. The games in the list are common in some ways: in most of them, you harvest plants like wheat and grow vegetables like onions, broccoli or fruits like cucumber, melon. You should take care of lovely farm animals like cows, chickens, dogs, pigs and feed them in time. If you can successfully raise farm animals and harvest the plants, you can gather farm products like wool, milk, egg, fruits, and vegetables to trade them. Besides raising animals and growing plants, you can decorate your farm with fences, pools and construct special buildings in these well-selected farm simulator games.Features:- A comprehensive collection of well-selected farm games- File size under 1 MB- Scrolling terminal- Daily update to show you the new released farming simulator games- Free and paid categories- Game trailers to indicate how to play- Star category including the farm simulator games selected by the editor- Friendly user interface design- Similar games recommended- Fast installing- Compatible with nearly all android versions of phones and tablets

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