Superheros 2 Fighting Games

2024-07-10 news 9

Superheroes 2 fighting game is a three-dimensional fighting game with superheroes. MMA, Kung Fu, karate or hand-to-hand combat - it doesn’t matter what you know, the only thing that matters is that you have to fight and a lot. Master each hero and enjoy beautiful battles in a fully three-dimensional world. Local characters are very reminiscent of classic super heroes, among which you can find Captain America, Wolverine, Gravity, Joker, Harley Quinn and many others. Unlike Mortal Kombat, the battles here take place in real time, and in the game itself you will be greeted by HD graphics, a high-quality soundtrack, several game scenarios and 36 unique fighters, each of which you can play with.CPU---Android OS4.2Open GL ---Free Space 73.77 MBAndroid TVNoGamepad SupportNoInternetNoEnglish languageNoHow do we get this dataWhats newUpdate history-----

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