Space Kart Racing Free

2024-07-10 news 7

Sprummy gleeace Kart Racing - karting (mini-racing) on ​​airplanes. Non-standard racing that attracts attention thanks to its very convenient and original controls. You control the car engine, including the turbines (there are 2 of them). Tap on the left - the left turbine will turn on, tap on the right - the right one and, accordingly, the plane will fly in the direction in which it should according to all the laws of physics. Of course, if you turn on both turbines, the plane will fly straight. You have a choice of many routes and tracks, which become more difficult as you progress, adding more dangerous turns and intricate labyrinths. By collecting coins by level, you can improve your vehicle in the garage, pumping up certain parameters such as speed and handling. Features: A lot of interesting levels Thoughtful and simple controls Good physics of drifting and turning Improvements for the shipCPU---Android OS4.0.3Open GL---Free Space 10.48 MBAndroid TVNoGamepad SupportNoInternetNoEnglish languageNoHow do we get this dataWhats newUpdate history-----

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